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A Story of Well-being


Experience and Reliability

Since 1982 we have been working in the production of pillows, mattress linings and covers.
We have always imposed ourselves on the attention of operators for the quality and service characteristics that distinguish us.

Continuous Search and Hotspots

The range of our products is extremely wide and varied, certified by the main international plants (ISO, Oeko-Tex, Medical Presidio) testifying to a continuous research on materials to offer the most provided response to each type of user and for every problem of rest. The high quality standards are the result of the exclusive use of selected and hygienically guaranteed raw materials.

Alongside the customer. All the time.

We are able to meet the most varied customization needs of the product and we stand with our customers to find the best warehouse supply and rotation solutions.

Seriousness and Certification

Certifying product and production process is one of our daily commitments. It is a strategic choice, indispensable if you want to be a reliable partner for customers and the end consumer. A commitment, of human and economic resources, that is the basis of the idea we have of Made in Italy.

marchi insieme

Our Videos


Let's talk about Cervicalgia

We address one of the main themes concerning a quality night rest, cervicalgia, which is one of the problems that afflicts a lot of people. The "cervical" afflicts almost anyone and a correct posture, night and day, is indispensable.


The Well-Being of Rest

How to combat the various sleep welfare disruptors? Mites, bed bugs, electromagnetic waves, an incorrect exchange of night heat, are the main reasons for night disturbance. But you can act effectively because the tools are there...



Fiber-padded cheeks, in natural matter – feather, wool or cotton, with latex or memory foam interiors. For each the maintenance rules are different and must be followed to ensure the effectiveness and healthiness of the prince accessory for the well-being of rest. Here's how.

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